“the economy is absolutely screwed” Says Conservative MP

Former Conservative Cabinet Minister Lord Forsyth said  on the Daily Politics on Tuesday 9th October:

“I think we have got fixated with reducing the deficit – of course we have got to reduce the deficit but the way to reduce the deficit is to get growth going again and I think what was lacking in the speech from the Chancellor was any indication, other than this scheme for equity and small businesses, was any indication of how he is going to get small and medium sized businesses roaring ahead again and that is the only way forward…. It feels a bit like Mister Micawber – he is hoping something will turn up when the numbers come out.”

Yet Tory MP Mark Garnier was more honest still, speaking at a fringe meeting today he said:

“The reason we have a low interest rate is because the economy is absolutely screwed”

The chancellor’s speech was obviously well received then…



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